Cloud Computing Digest: the Latest February Announcements

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Despite the beginning of the year, we got lots of announcements from leading providers and the cloud-native community, so let’s review the most exciting ones below.


Introduction of AWS Backup as all in one solution, with the support of EBS, S3, EFS, Dynamo, RDS, and Storage Gateway Volumes, which enables it for on-prem as well.

AWS Worklink is a new service which minimizes the hassle of exposing internal web applications to corporate users. The main feature is integrated authentication and mobile devices support.

Network Load Balancer gets very demanded TLS Termination support, which allows offloading this work from your backend. Additionally, NLB supports automated certificates deployment via ACM.

Site-to-Site VPN gets support for IKEv2, which increases the list of compatible network appliances and simplifies multi-cloud integration, for instance, there should be no need to spin up an EC2 for establishing IPsec tunnel with Azure VPN Gateway.

AWS Ops Automator, gets support for EC2 Vertical scaling. Previously it was also possible with custom scripts, however, having this out of the box and integrated with ALB makes our life simpler.


Cloud Pub/Sub gets a Replay feature, which brings an exciting possibility to catch and “rewind” traffic causing an error during debugging and bug fixing

Cloud Firestore, NoSQL, Firebase DB based service, is announced as generally available.

Google adds WebSockets beta support for App Engine Flexible, thus enabling streaming and full-duplex communciation so often required for highly interactive frontends and allows avoiding polling overhead.


Account failover now in public preview for Azure Storage, allowing to replicate all the storage account data to a secondary region and making primary afterward.

Cost Management, Azure’s cloud cost analysis and budgeting service, is now generally available for enterprise usage.


Rancher 2.2 adds Multi-Cluster application support, allowing not only managing multiple Kubernetes clusters, but also holistic deployment of an app on top of them as a single entity.

The Linux Foundation Launches New LF Edge to Establish a Unified Open Source Framework for the Edge

Reading of the Week

Case Study from CNCF: How Uber monitors 4.000 micro-services

Encrypting Kubernetes secrets with Cloud KMS by Alex Tcherniakhovsky

Janakiram MSV about Canary Deployments with AWS App Mesh and EKS

Also, what’s your cloud news of the week?

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