New AWS Solutions, Google's Jib and IBM's cloud-native progress

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This week all major clouds get lots of new functionality, so providing my shortlist below.


Introduction of AWS Solutions, the new catalog of reference architectures, and implementation templates.

Elastic File System gets infrequent access storage class, which enables a transparent move of rarely used files to cheaper storage.


IoT edge service, which provides a control plane for edge device lifecycle management, receives OOB support Ubuntu virtual machines, allowing simplified development and performance testing of IoT workloads at scale.

Google Cloud

Google Docs releases new API, supporting document automated bulk creation, content and workflow management.

Google releases Jib, an open-source tool, purposed to streamline Java container development experience, pluggable to Maven/Gradle and providing Skaffold integration.

Scheduled snapshots are available in beta for Compute Engine persistent disk.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud continues polishing its cloud-native stack and announces Beta readiness for managed Istio and Knative services.


Datadog improves it’s AI-driven monitoring capabilities with the acquisition of app-testing startup Madumbo.

DevSecOps startup ShiftLeft raises $20 million for code analysis software that automatically patches vulnerabilities.

Good Reads

GitOps using ArgoCD, flexible opensource continuous delivery tool for kubernetes.

A new practical example of managing workloads identity with by bundling SPIRE and Envoy service proxy.

Illustrated comparison of Traditional vs. Cloud networking challenges by Tom Taggard.

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