AWS Lambda without vendor lock and Kubernetes for IoT

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The past week was super rich in cloud-native and serverless spaces.

More in my curated weekly digest below.

Cloud-Native stack

Rancher introduced k3s new minimalistic kubernetes distribution designed for edge and IoT.

Red Hat Publishes partner Reference Architectures for OpenShift and unveils the roadmap of the future v4.0 platform at OpenShift Commons Briefing.

TriggerMesh open sources Serverless Integration Project which allow consumption of Knative events in AWS Lambda. Additionally, together with Knative Lambda Runtime it significantly simplifies migration to the cloud-native stack.

CNCF announces containerd graduation and launches Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF) Testbed aimed at aligning network level developments between VM and container worlds.


Release of Cloud IoT Device SDK: a new way for embedded IoT devices to connect to Google Cloud IoT Core.

The release of New Cloud KMS cryptography client libraries and samples.


Announces a preview of Azure Sentinel, intelligent security analytics for your entire enterprise.

Announces the general availability of Azure Lab Services.

Announces the general availability of Java support in Azure Functions.


Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports integration with S3 for data ingress and egress capabilities.


IBM Cloud announces the General Availability of IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB.

Good Reads

How to use Flagger and Istio to automate canary style deployments to Kubernetes.

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