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AWS Lambda without vendor lock and Kubernetes for IoT

The past week was super rich in cloud-native and serverless spaces. More in my curated weekly digest below. Cloud-Native stack Rancher introduced k3s new minimalistic kubernetes distribution designed for edge and IoT.

Google goes Hybrid, Beanstalk for Windows and Azure Event Grid

Please find my curated weekly digest below. Google Cloud Cloud Services Platform, Google’s Hybrid cloud solution is in Beta. AWS New EKS Quickstart: reference architecture, cloud formation template.

New AWS Solutions, Google's Jib and IBM's cloud-native progress

This week all major clouds get lots of new functionality, so providing my shortlist below. AWS Introduction of AWS Solutions, the new catalog of reference architectures, and implementation templates.

Cloud Computing Digest: the Latest February Announcements

Despite the beginning of the year, we got lots of announcements from leading providers and the cloud-native community, so let’s review the most exciting ones below.